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PrimeHRM is a cloud-based payroll management software that helps you offer a polished payroll process to employees and streamline your payroll operations.This cloud-based HR management software helps you to manage your employees' onboarding, leave and attendance and documentation.
Our Payroll software does most of the heavy lifting for enterprises grappling with payroll management challenges. Like outsourced payroll services, our payroll software needs minimal input from the employer, such as the basic employee wage information and hours. The software can take care of most of the tricky calculations and withholdings. It also gets automatic updates after any changes in tax laws.
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Why PrimeHRM ?

Our advanced HR modules is systematically digitized and does streamline entire human resource operation. PrimeHRM cloud computing HCM software is designed and developed using cutting edge technology which will ease the complex and challenging function of HR executives.

Trust & Leadership

The trust of our clients is the fundamental element in our growth over the past two decades. With such a trusting client base, we can ostentatiously say that we are leading the industry since two decades

Customer Focus

Without customers, there is no company! We believe that client experience is one of the essential driving forces of our business. We are focused on how we make them feel when they work with us.

Team Expertise

We have a strong team which is trained & committed to deliver quality solutions & services. A wide spectrum of skills & experience ensures that we meet our client’s requirements.

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